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Inno Scot Health spinout looks to further catalyse growth with London conference slot Header Template

InnoScot Health spinout looks to further catalyse growth with London conference slot

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Posted: 14-March-2024

Scottish biopharmaceutical company Aurum Biosciences has been invited to speak at a flagship life sciences conference in London this April, allowing it to demonstrate the huge potential of its technology to advance the management of acute stroke patients

A spinout of InnoScot Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and the University of Glasgow, clinical stage company Aurum is developing a novel drug for therapeutics and multiple diagnostics, in areas of unmet clinical need such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and inflammatory imaging.

Its CEO David Brennan will be attending BioTrinity 2024 on Wednesday 24 April and presenting during the event’s Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease R&D Spotlight session between 11am and 12.20pm.

The event in Houndsditch is ‘designed to catalyse growth for all who attend’ with the delegate mix expected to comprise investors, early stage and emerging life sciences R&D companies, big pharma, government, academics, and a broad range of service providers.

Dr Brennan said: “Being invited to present at one of the largest and most well-regarded UK biotech events represents an excellent platform for us to engage key investors and target further interest and support.

“We’re excited to be part of BioTrinity’s move to a larger capacity venue this year, which the organisers believe will allow for the delivery of an enhanced format with more opportunity for attendees to make vital connections.

“It’s also a chance for us to heighten our presence within the wider life sciences ecosystem, while demonstrating the vast potential inherent within our technology to target a range of serious, life-threatening conditions.”

Last month, Aurum announced that it had raised almost £730,000 as part of a new round of equity funding aimed at further developing its state-of-the-art therapeutic and diagnostic technology.

The funding round is split across two tranches with commitments in place to invest further in May.

The funds will be used to advance the company’s patented ABL-101 platform technology which has the potential to offer major advancements in the management of acute stroke patients, especially acute ischemic strokes (AIS) – a leading global cause of disability and the second-leading cause of death.

Aurum’s molecular technology, which carries and delivers oxygen independent of haemoglobin, could also reduce ischemic damage in acute spinal cord injury, improve treatment options in radiotherapy resistant tumours, and reduce secondary organ damage in cardiac arrest among other uses.

Executive Chair of InnoScot Health, Graham Watson said: “We are delighted that Aurum is commanding a slot at the high-profile BioTrinity event and are certain that the opportunity will be maximised.

“Amid the latest funding round and exciting development plans, the event is another great platform to progress Aurum’s ambitions for engaging interest in, and further developing, its innovative ABL-101 technology.”

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