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Who we are

Supporting health innovation

InnoScot Health has been working in partnership with NHS Scotland for 20 years to inspire, accelerate, and commercialise impactful healthcare innovations.

Working with staff across a range of roles and medical specialties, we have formed seven spin-out companies and brought a range of medical devices, products and technologies to market.


Our Strategy

Innovating Together is our strategy to harness entrepreneurial talent, accelerate impactful healthcare innovations and positively impact health, social and economic outcomes. A progressive five-year strategy, it is set around four strategic commitments which reflect the aims of Scotland’s National Performance Framework and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The success of our strategy is built on our people - the committed enablers of innovation. We are passionate about what we do, because we know that when the ideas brought to us are successful, they make a real and lasting difference.

InnoScot Health seeks out creative, talented, resilient people who can enrich and diversify its talent pool. At the same time, integral to our success and reputation is significant experience of working with the NHS and the Scottish Government.

The strength of the organisation lies in bringing specialist skill sets together in a single place to complement clinical knowledge and ambition, and together unlock the true collective potential of Scotland's healthcare innovation opportunity.

The organisation’s size, structure and professional culture allows it to be flexible and agile. This ensures that InnoScot Health is able to maintain a constant focus and optimise the skills of a dynamic team, while remaining well positioned to draw on a diverse range of expertise from trusted advisors.

It is vital that we maintain and enhance InnoScot Health’s reputation as a great place to work in order to attract, retain, and develop the finest talent. We must continue to invest in skills from a wide range of professions and successfully anticipate coming needs. On-going training as part of a culture predicated on Continuing Professional Development ensures that skills continue to be optimised and staff are equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

This model is particularly beneficial where there is a shortage of NHS resource for innovation delivery; and it is anticipated this model of collaborative working, and drawing on vital expertise from InnoScot Health will help NHS Boards and Scottish Government to better refine and articulate how innovation can be best served across the NHS at an operational level. It will also optimise the role of InnoScot Health and support our ambitions to sit at the heart of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Meet the Team

Experienced, talented and committed to supporting health innovation, the InnoScot Health team offers a wealth of expertise in everything from intellectual property and regulatory affairs to funding and commercialisation.