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Our Team

Experienced, talented and committed

Our success is built on our people – the committed enablers of innovation. We are passionate about what we do, because we know that when the ideas brought to us are successful, they make a real and lasting difference. The InnoScot Health team offers a wealth of expertise in everything from intellectual property and regulatory affairs to funding and commercialisation, and has vast experience of working with NHS and Government.

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To realise the full potential of an idea and accelerate it onto the market, a range of expertise, insight, and resource is required.

InnoScot Health has over 20 years experience of working with innovators and companies to transform ideas into viable products and services that improve patient care. Whether that be a medical device, piece of software, or medicine, we can provide expert support at each stage.

Meet the Team

Susan Burgess

Head of Finance

Simon Cree

Communications and Engagement Officer - Web and Digital

Fiona Fleming

Head of Communications and Engagement

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Elaine Gemmell

Head of Regulatory Affairs

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Eva Gnatiuk

Graphic Designer

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Jane Gray

Communications Assistant

Gillian Henderson

Head of Project Management

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Frances Ramsay

Innovation Manager

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Our Board

InnoScot Health is governed by a Board of Management and accountable to the Chief Scientist Office of Scottish Government. Our board includes representatives from member bodies, NHS boards and co-opted directors. This ensures InnoScot Health is firmly embedded in the NHS Research, Development and Innovation landscape, and aligned to evolving needs and priorities across the NHS. Complementary to this, strong commercial acumen provides important insight and perspective. This diversity of experience and leadership helps to continually drive forward the work of InnoScot Health and ensure achievement of the corporate strategy. For further information relating to our Board contact

Graham Watson

Executive Chair

Colin Morgan

Director and Vice-Chair

Professor Seshadri Vasan

Non-Executive Director

Professor Julie Brittenden

Non-Executive Director

Professor Russell Petty

Non-Executive Director


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InnoScot Health works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new innovations from healthcare professionals. Registered Number: SC 236303. Registered address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR
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