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Our Strategy

Innovating Together

Our strategy celebrates and informs Scotland’s growing reputation as a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation and places health at the core. It underlines our commitment to working closely with the NHS, academia, industry, entrepreneurs and funders to encourage innovation and shape future healthcare in Scotland.

Innovating Together leverages and extends the vast experience InnoScot Health has gained since 2002 in inspiring, accelerating and commercialising impactful healthcare innovations.

It is focused on helping shape a highly adaptive, innovative NHS Scotland (NHS), while recognising that strong partnerships forged with academic institutions, funders, entrepreneurs and industrial partners are vital in supporting our mission.


Vision, mission, values

Our vision

An entrepreneurial, collaborative Scotland where healthcare innovation thrives

Our mission

To inspire, accelerate, and commercialise impactful healthcare innovations for health, economic and social benefit

Our values

Our values – bold, collaborative, curious, disruptive and resilient – underpin who we are, how we behave and the ways we work together across every aspect of our organisation.

Our strategic commitments

Our strategy is bold and ambitious, requiring close working with public and private sector partners, but we are confident it is also achievable. It sets out the steps we must take, and the actions we need from ourselves and others, to drive forward impactful healthcare innovations for health, economic and social benefit.

To embody an innovative mindset, we must consider this strategy to be a living, adaptable framework that reflects our agility to respond to the demands of an evolving healthcare landscape.

A Connected, Collaborative Community

Supporting new and innovative approaches to healthcare wherever they originate, combined with an ability to link relevant expertise across the sector will help ensure the vision of a connected, collaborative Scotland is realised.

Harnessing Expertise for Optimal Innovation

Providing trusted, high quality advice on a pan-Scotland basis, including intellectual property advice, medical device regulation, funding, product development and commercialisation.

Accelerating a Better Healthcare Future

Supporting and encouraging an open and receptive environment to innovations originating across Scotland, and actively work across the sector to minimise all barriers to ensure innovations of substance and scale can be expedited onto the market.

Delivering Real Value From Healthcare Innovation

Spotlighting the broader significance, and benefits, of health innovation within the wider entrepreneurial vision for Scotland, including the potential to create jobs, attract further investment to Scotland and strengthen our innovation profile on the international stage.

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