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Our Innovation Process

Accelerating ideas that transform healthcare

InnoScot Health receives many submissions each year, ranging from simple but highly effective devices such as the Rhinopinch, to complex cardiothoracic surgery solutions such as those provided by spin-out company CardioPrecision. All have one aspect in common - great, ground-breaking ideas at their heart. If you have an innovative idea, the InnoScot Health team offers a wealth of support and advice each step of the way.

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Bringing your idea to life

InnoScot Health works with innovators across NHS Scotland to translate ideas and innovations into viable products that improve patient care.

We know time pressures can be one of the biggest barriers to bringing an idea or innovation forward. InnoScot Health uses over 20 years of experience to guide health and social care staff through the entire development process, which may otherwise be impossible to balance with clinical and personal commitments.

Improving your chances of success

InnoScot Health has received and evaluated over 2000 innovative ideas to date, successfully accelerating a range of medical devices, products, and technologies for use in hospitals, care homes and on-scene emergency settings, both in Scotland and around the world.

With an onus on transformation in mind, InnoScot Health has issued a succession of innovation calls to target areas of specific need, creating a strong pipeline of exciting NHS ingenuity, most recently in the areas of pregnancy and perinatal, ophthalmology, and sustainability.

Our Innovation Pathway

Depending on the nature of your project and its ability to successfully meet our selection criteria, InnoScot Health will progress it through our innovation pathway. Due to the inherently unique nature of each innovation, the pathway process is bespoke for each project. You can discuss this pathway further by talking to our experts.

Evaluating Your Idea

Identifying the innovations of tomorrow

Protecting Your Idea

Protecting your innovative idea

Ensuring Conformity

Complying with medical device regulation

Funding Your Idea

Maximising funding opportunities

Developing Your Idea

Developing your ideas effectively

Commercialising Your Idea

Delivering real value from innovation

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We welcome innovation from all levels of the NHS and encourage ground-breaking thinkers. Putting forward your idea for consideration can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Fiona Schaefer, Innovation Manager, InnoScot Health

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Ready to submit?

There is an incredible enthusiasm for fresh innovation across NHS Scotland, motivated by opportunities to transform healthcare delivery. The potential is limitless.

If you have an innovative healthcare idea, then InnoScot Health would like to hear from you. You can start by booking a consultation or submitting your idea.

Our Success Stories

Reacting quickly to the demands of an ever-evolving healthcare environment, InnoScot Health supports the development and adoption of transformational innovations for improved patient care.

Aurum Biosciences

Aurum Biosciences

Supporting treatment advances

Cardio Precisionlogo1


Advancing cardiovascular solutions

SCRAM logo colour

SCRAM™ Portfolio

Accelerating treatment time

Patient Transfer Scale

Patient Transfer Scale

Revolutionary approach to weighing patients


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